Cedar-IBSi Capital: Powering FinTechs Beyond Funding

In the ever-evolving FinTech landscape, Venture Capital (VC) funds are not just investors; they’re enablers of innovation, mentors, and strategic partners. Together, they’re propelling the FinTech industry to new heights, ensuring that it’s not just about funding but about fostering a thriving ecosystem of success. In India, Venture Capital (VC) funds have become more than just financial backers. They’ve become catalysts for industry transformation, driving innovation and empowering startups in exciting ways.

Cedar-IBSi Capital (SEBI AIF – Independent VC fund) leverages the expertise of Cedar Management Consulting and IBS Intelligence, each with over 30+ years of consulting and FinTech research experience. The fund will focus on supporting profitable and scalable tech ventures with solid unit economics. The mission is to empower creative founders and innovative FinTech ventures to drive significant changes in the industry, putting Cedar-IBSi Capital at the forefront of the new era in financial technology.

The fund’s advantage comes from adding substantial research-driven value and adeptly overseeing portfolio companies, ably supported by the robust Cedar-IBSi platform. It’s an untapped potential crucial for the growth of the FinTech ecosystem.

At the recent FinTech Happy Hour hosted by Cedar-IBSi Fintech Lab and Cedar-IBSi Capital, industry leaders from the FinTech, BankTech, and BFSI sectors convened for an insightful discussion on the role of VC firms in driving growth beyond funding for shaping the future of FinTech.

Here’s how Cedar-IBSi Capital’s Unique Positioning for FinTech is making waves and adding value beyond the capital:

1. A Synergistic Blend of VC and FinTech Lab: Cedar-IBSi Capital is not just a venture capital fund but a powerful amalgamation of Cedar-IBSi Fintech Lab and Cedar-IBSi Capital. This dual approach ensures that Fintech startups receive the necessary capital, guidance, mentorship, and invaluable industry connections. While the capital empowers these startups to initiate their journey, the Lab ensures a robust ecosystem where they can innovate, iterate, and scale.

2. Networking and Collaboration: The recent Cedar-IBSi Fintech Happy Hour in Mumbai showcased Cedar-IBSi Capital’s commitment to fostering connections. This gathering of FinTech and BankTech founders, investors, and BFSI executives highlights Cedar-IBSi group’s unique positioning. It’s more than just a fund; it’s an enabler platform for FinTechs to collaborate, share insights, and tap into a broad network of industry experts and decision-makers.

3. Market Access and Product Intelligence: With its roots deeply embedded in IBSi’s Everything FinTech platform, Cedar-IBSi Capital offers unparalleled market access and product intelligence. The platform’s global events, leadership interviews, podcasts, and a monthly print journal give startups a distinct advantage, providing them visibility and access to cutting-edge industry insights.

4. Mentorship and Skill Enhancement: Cedar-IBSi Lab’s strength lies in its emphasis on mentorship and skill enhancement. With seasoned experts and a combined experience of 3 decades advising both banks and FinTech, the Lab offers FinTech startups access to workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs. These startups receive guidance from industry veterans who have traversed the Fintech landscape and are well-equipped to guide the next generation.

5. Comprehensive Ecosystem: Cedar-IBSi global group has a comprehensive approach, from management consulting and research to its incubation and acceleration platform, and now venture capital with Cedar-IBSi Capital. This offers FinTech startups a one-stop solution for everything they need – from ideation and validation to scaling and securing investments.

Takeaways for FinTech Entrepreneurs: Capital is the starting point in today’s competitive FinTech landscape. To truly stand out and succeed, startups need more than just financial backing. They require mentorship, industry insights, networking opportunities, and a supportive ecosystem that fosters innovation. Cedar-IBSi Capital, combined with the Cedar-IBSi Fintech Lab and the Cedar-IBSi platform, offers this holistic support, positioning FinTech startups for success in the ever-evolving world of finance. Aligning with Cedar is opting for transformation, innovation, and unparalleled growth opportunities.

Discussing how VC funds can contribute more to FinTech than just providing capital, Srinivasa Sharan, Director, Mool Capital, said, “It’s not just about securing funding, but also gaining access to valuable new relationships. Many FinTech companies strive to chart a path forward and might encounter challenges in identifying the right opportunities to establish themselves. While funding is undoubtedly crucial, providing the right connections for FinTech entrepreneurs is equally important.”

In summary, Cedar-IBSi Capital extends beyond financial assistance, offering FinTech startups comprehensive support encompassing mentorship, network access, market intelligence, regulatory guidance, and technological resources to drive their success in the FinTech arena.

Jeet Vasa
Jeet Vasa